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Ting Cheng Tools Co.,LTD. (TC tools) is a Taiwanese company, based in Taiwan, and was initially set up at the year of 1983. It is leading by the current CEO, Mr Jerry Hsu, who is having over 30 years of the experience in the field of manufacturing hand-tools.

This company was originally built because Jerry sees the potential in the needs of quality hand-tools while he was working at a hand-tools trading company. Jerry has recognized that hand tools with excellent quality tends to be the future trend of this industry. Therefore, until today, TC tools is following its principle of the origin, “To Provide The Best Quality and, To Offer The Lowest Price”, as well as the attitude of being “Loyal and Reliable” to the customers. Today, by following the company principle, policies and attitudes, TC tools has become one of the top leading hand-tools manufacturors, is growing steadily and operating with endless innovation.

We continuously innovate to provide to our customers the best quality products in combination with the best possible lowest price you can ever imagine in this competitive environment. Today our products are mainly focus at the European market, however we welcome any business opportunities world-wide. The customer satisfaction is in our best interest, we assure you the best quality, the best price and furthermore, the best trading experience.

TC Management Team